mum$ Program

Many moons ago, the people of the region now known as Manchester traded for Food using shells. Now, just coming out of a pandemic, the people of Manchester will be able to trade for food using mum$.

What are mum$? Let me tell you more friend – you see these are wooden coins that are stamped with a special green ink. You can earn them at specific events and use them at certain vendors.

Each mum has a value of $5. The vendor will get a dollar for dollar value of each MUM spent with them. If there is any remainder or “change” when you spend them, remember to say “keep the change and thank you” as this is the vendor’s tip and thanks for participating in the program.

Here is a list of places to earn mum$:
~ Center City Clean Up – April 23, 2022
~ Manchester Grows Plant Sale – May 14, 2022

Here is a list of places to spend mum$:
~ Fresh Start Farms

Check back often as we add places to earn and use mum$

Got a mum$ story of how this program has generated a positive difference in our community? Share it here.

Got an idea or think you can make a better coin for 2023? Submit your idea or offer of help here.